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  • Autor: cccraig
  • Kategorien: Plugin
  • Tags: tags, faces
  • Datum der ersten Revision: 2017-12-01
  • Letztes Revisionsdatum: 2018-03-12
  • Verfügbare Sprachen: 1 (see)
  • Kompatibel mit: Piwigo Freigeben 2.8, 2.9
  • Downloads: 2174
English [GB]

Über: This is a fork of the piwigo-facetag plugin and adds a bit more functionality. The code base has been rewritten using an object literal class style and includes some new features. Please note that it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL.

1) Group mapping; You can specify the groups allowed to tag faces.
2) Support for deleting individual tags on an image.
3) Mass updates; No need to click the button for each tag.
4) Tag will resize/shift when new image size is selected.
5) Must be logged in to tag faces.
6) Does not require Jquery (scripts or styles) if you're into that.

See github ( for info about use and theme compatibility.

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Revision 1.2.1 801 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-03-12
Revision 1.2 217 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-03-10
Revision 1.1.1 591 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2017-12-13
Revision herunterladen 1.1.1

Kompatibel mit: 2.9, 2.8

Verfügbare Sprachen: 1 (see)

English [GB]

* Added auto-rotation of images to get proper crops for vertically oriented images.
* Added prefix to saved crop images to ensure uniqueness.
* Add index.php file to each cropped image directory to prevent browsing.

Revision 1.1 251 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2017-12-13
Revision 1.0 314 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2017-12-01
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