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Private Share

Share privacy
23 Available languages

Revision 14.a

2 months ago
Compatible with the latest version of Piwigo
Mittwoch 7 Dezember 2016 7 years 6 months ago

Share a private photo, with a key instead of authentication.

No need to have a user account to see the shared photo and download it. Photos can be shared one by one. Only permitted groups of users can send a private share.

This plugins is comptabile with both Modus and Bootstrap darkroom themes

Revisions 9

Revision 14.a

Released on Sonntag 31 März 2024


Compatible with Piwigo 14

2 months plg 23 Available languages+ 8

PHP 8 compatibility

New languages:
* Czech (Česky [CZ])
* Italian (Italiano [IT])
* Japanese (日本語 [JP])
* Portuguese (Português [PT])
* Russian (Русский [RU])
* Swedish (Svenska [SE])
* Turkish (Türkçe [TR])
* Traditional Chinese (中文 (繁體) [TW])

Revision 12.b

Released on Mittwoch 17 August 2022


Revision 12.a

Released on Dienstag 30 November 2021


Revision 2.8.a

Released on Mittwoch 7 Dezember 2016