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Über: listing pictures recently modified on the operating system (for instance, in order to update their metadata).

Add up to three predifined filters to batch-manager in order to retrieve OS recently modified pictures:
- Modified since less than 60 min
- Modified since less than 1 day
- Modified since previous metadata update

Tunable time filters.
Based on *nix system `find` command.

pwg_representative picture detection (for videos and others).

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Revision 1.2.3.e 678 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-01-22
Revision 1.2.3 385 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-01-14
Revision 1.2.2 309 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-01-14
Revision 1.2.1 356 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-01-05
Revision herunterladen 1.2.1

Kompatibel mit: 2.9, 2.8

Verfügbare Sprachen: 2 (see)

English [UK] Français [FR]

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Revision 1.2.0 308 Downloads, Freigegeben am 2018-01-05
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