Bootstrap Darkroom

A feature-rich and mobile-ready theme based on Bootstrap 4. Features: * Over 30 color styles -> Bootswatch -> Material Design -> Custom low-contrast dark color scheme based on Lightroom® colors * Full screen slideshow view using PhotoSwipe -> Supports auto play -> Supports HTML5 video -> Album thumbnails can be linked to PhotoSwipe directly (like smartpocket) * 100% mobile ready -> fully responsive Navbars, Carousel, PhotoSwipe slideshow, video content -> async/ondemand loading of carousel & PhotoSwipe content, adaptive image size selection, swipe & tap events * Carousel album navigation on the picture page using Slick slider * Video support using native HTML 5 video widget * Optional hero image or jumbotron banner * Different layouts for infos on picture page * Tons of configuration options Requirements: * PHP >= 5.3 Recommended plugins for best mobile experience: * GThumb+ or gdThumb (for best 'available screen space usage') * RV Thumbnail Scroller (to keep initial page load size small and allow for easy 'swipe through') Compatible with 'User collections', 'Expiry date' & 'Batch downloader' plugins


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