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fixes #58 add min-width

piwigo-modus fa1b14c2 HWFord


related #1986 add comments

Piwigo e07f7d38 HWFord

fixes #1986 remove document on click

Piwigo 236c997d HWFord

newsletter 20230920_en

piwigodotorg ed83c02b plegall

Update common.lang.php

Piwigo c5b5dd0b OSWorX

19. September 2023

next release is 14.0.0beta3

Piwigo f625fd0a plegall

fixes #1984 class being removed on same class

Piwigo 3f95b007 HWFord

18. September 2023

switch added_by filter from selectize to filetypes-style

piwigo-modus d035dc0e plegall

fixes #1983 switch added_by filter from selectize to filetypes-style

Piwigo 682de10d plegall

17. September 2023

[meta] check php8.1

meta 32985 ddtddt

11. September 2023

Merge pull request #236 from wurststulle/master

piwigo-openstreetmap a66b21a3 xbgmsharp

issue #223 support for WebP

Piwigo fa3625a6 plegall

Support webp format (#1785)

Piwigo 79e91e32 Phlogi

do not display 0 tags found

Piwigo 7f3a1f41 plegall

10. September 2023

fix error message when OSMJS is not present

piwigo-openstreetmap e211014b wurststulle

08. September 2023

fixes #1977 new trigger loc_action_before_http_headers

Piwigo 09979e8a plegall

Update add_page.inc.php [php 8.x warnings)

Additional Pages 9e3c931b OSWorX

06. September 2023

fixes #1976 add translation keys

Piwigo 6875f4a3 HWFord

04. September 2023

fixes #1975 with margin bottom

Piwigo 605ba091 HWFord

fixes #1974 removes breadcrumb

Piwigo 1b469e28 HWFord

fixes #1973 with padding bottom

Piwigo 9e5f9bd0 HWFord

fixes #1972 add margin to icon

Piwigo 426af806 HWFord

fixes #19 move div tag inside of a tag

piwigodotorg 766317cb HWFord

26. August 2023

fixes #1969 link help pages to new French documentation

Piwigo 24f5bcb0 plegall

fixes #1968 new values for date_posted filter

Piwigo e0a82909 plegall

24. August 2023

bug fixed, revert template_dir for existing include

piwigodotorg 644c38be plegall

[FR] change documentation URL

piwigodotorg 8b3f73c6 plegall

23. August 2023

fixes #1967 POST/GET input are already escaped

Piwigo ab111cdb plegall

rules for tags/albums found popin description

piwigo-modus 5cea8bec plegall