Release Note / Piwigo 1.7.0

Major feature enhancements

Piwigo 1.7.0 herunterladen

Veröffentlicht am 5. Mai 2007


New main features

  • Plugin system to avoid code modification
  • Anti-spam system for comments
  • Index displays subcategories and thumbnails
  • 'recent pictures' filter
  • 'flat display' => all available thumbnails on index
  • History search
  • Lite slideshow
  • Category permlinks
  • Quick search
  • Images counters within the category and within its subcategories
  • Hits under thumbnails (optional)
  • New distant synchronization (more parameters)

New features

  • Links to main PhpWebGallery pages from the Administration page
  • Virtual categories and real categories have different look
  • Users profiles are visible and updatable in Admin
  • Local translations
  • History exclusions
  • Some Bots Protections
  • Registry is open/closed
  • .jpeg support
  • 2 types of RSS
  • Historized Registions/Connections
  • New maintenance tool
  • Add index.php Plugin to local categories
  • Administrator Plugin to see temporary the gallery as a guest, with a different theme or a different language.
  • Advices plugin to admins

New functions

  • New themes : p0w0 and wipi.
  • guest is a real user as any others (but a required user)
  • Sheets within Administration pages (reduced menu)
  • Category notification to a group
  • Default group on new members
  • HTML email support
  • Links to pictures in email and RSS.
  • Notification on registrations, on comments, on picture upload
  • New counters (anywhere on Categories menu)
  • New help in Admin

Technical features

  • 'About' page could be extended by a theme
  • Double upgrade avoiding
  • New stats graph
  • Graphical rating
  • Automatic RSS cleanup after first review
  • Web service
  • New Categories management display
  • Links menu enhancements
  • New start page (configuration)

Technical corrections

  • Link to picture.php from admin/rating.php
  • Script support in category descriptions with subcatify mode
  • English/French mistakes
  • IIS System PhP values support, ...
  • Singular/plural support
  • And correctives.